Our Space



We have a great outside play area! Sand, stumps to play on, things to ride, bubbles, chalk... you name it!

Large main classroom


We have a large main room that has many options for play and learning.  This room is also used for indoor recess if needed, we just push everything aside and play active games.

Writing Journal Table


All of our preschoolers come to the writing journal table each day.  We work on small motor skills, writing, cutting, letters, shapes and  numbers.  

Orange room


The writing journal table is in the orange room, along with a kitchen, doll house area, dress ups and wooden blocks.

Morning Meeting room


We use this space for morning meeting, mid-day wrestlings on mats and our afternoon meeting. 

Wildwood Parent room


Parents sign their preschoolers in and out each day.  There is also a communication file for each family.